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Audiobook Update!
2016 was an amazing year for audiobooks! Below are a few that Dara has narrated:
In Case You Missed It (Scholastic Audio)
The Last Girl By Joe Hart (Brilliance Audio)
Fogged Inn by Barbara Ross ( Audible Studios)
Unlucky in Love by Jill Sanders (Brilliance Audio)
Strangely Normal by Tess Oliver ( Tess Oliver LLC)
Socialism, Seriously by Danny Katch (Audible Studios)
Twenty Questions by Bridget Clerking ( Audible Studios)
Balance by Leia Stone ( Leia Stone LLC)
When God Doesn’t Fix It by Laura Story (Tantor Audio)
Along Came Mr. Right by Gerri Russell ( Brilliance Audio)
Succubus Tear by Andreas Wiesemann
Sweet Resolve by Jill Sanders ( Brilliance Audio)
Assault and Pepper by Leslie Budewitz (Tantor Audio)
Guilty as Cinnamon by Leslie Budewitz (Tantor Audio)
Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F Downs (Tantor Audio)
Anarchy By Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone
Girl in the Shadows by Gwenda Bond (Brilliance Audio)
Brilliance and Fire by Rachelle Bernstein (Tantor Audio)
Mr. Nhem’s Genocide Cinema by Lauren Quinn ( Audible Studios)
Dead and Kicking by Lisa Emme (Tantor Audio)
Tooth and Claw by Lisa Emme (Tantor Audio)
Deadlocked by Lisa Emme (Tantor Audio)
RareForm by Jen Crane (Tantor Audio)
Origin Exposed by Jen Crane (Tantor Audio)
Betrayal Foretold by Jen Crane (Tantor Audio)
The Final Trade by Joe Hart (Brilliance Audio)
Faith Countryman by Lori Hartman Gervasi (Brilliance Audio)
Killing Thyme by Leslie Budewitz (Tantor Audio)
All The Breaking Waves by Kerry Lonsdale (Brilliance Audio)
Crossing Hearts by Kimberly Kincaid (Brilliance Audio)

Dara lent her voice for the Arkansas State Parks campaign:


Plus, Get Connected in Your Arkansas State Parks

2015 Was a great year!

Dara voiced spots for the following:
Platinum Volkswagon
Goliath Games
Bamba! App
Mount Southington
OTO Sense
Sly Dial
Open Government Partnership
Landcaster Advertising
Turner Media

Audio Books:
by Lindsay Cameron (Tantor Audio)
Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph (Tantor Audio)
Unlucky in Love by Jill Sanders (Brilliance Audio)
The Last Girl by Joe Hart (Brilliance Audio)
Fogged Inn by Barbara Ross (Audible Studios)
Not Gay by Jane Ward (Audible Studios)
Below the Belt by Sidney Halston
Matefinder and Devi- By Leia Stone
Ash by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve
Custom Culture Books 4 & 5- Rett and Nix &Scotlyn: The Wedding by Tess Oliver
A Ducky Cure for the Hiccups by Max Candee and Debra Sanders


Summer 2015 commercials & narrations:

This summer has been amazing and Dara has had the chance to voice commercials and narrations for great companies like Coca Cola, The Pennsylvania Turnpike, Turbodog, Ideal Fitness, Deepwater Distribution, Josco Energy, The Biltmore, Amway, IVisitor, Houghton College, WLingua and Knowledge City.

Summer 2015 Dara has narrated some fantastic books including:

Kissing Mr. Right- by Michelle Major (Brilliance Audio)
Shattered Blue- by Lauren Bird Horowitz (Brilliance Audio)
Dragon Marked- by Jaymin Eve (Brilliance Audio)
Custom Culture Series - Freefall, Clutch, & Dray by Tess Oliver
The Best Boy Ever Made - by Rachel Eliason
Writing Romance - by Alessandro Bancroft
Vampire Lies - by Rashelle Workman

April / May 2015

These months Dara got to work on some incredible commercials for places like DoggiesMatch, Northwest Banking, Excursiopedia, Benelot Throat Lozengers, Healthy Dental, Abbot Fund and a quirky promo video for Fast Park! Take a look at the cute kids of her Fast Park Promo!

Fast Park: Our Littlest Fans Tell All from Spotted Yeti Media on Vimeo.

Dara was just hired by Wibbitz to be one of their featured Voiceovers for their news site! You can catch her news videos Daily!

Dara also narrated some great audiobooks!

You can catch her reading of A Deal with God by Michael Haden, How to Productize your Services: How to Make Money While You're Sleeping by Kristen Brady, Stolen: In My Blood by A.L Wood, Billionaire Season and the Legal Action Box Set by bestselling romance author Kimball Lee.

Dara Also Narrated Marrying the Marine by International Best Seller Sabrina Sims McAfee.

Dara Recently lent her voice to the Miz Mooz Selfie Shoe campaign and the video went viral! It was seen on the Today Show, CNN, NBC, US Weekly, and Rolling Stone!

Dara is currently narrating the third part in The Maine Clambake Series by Barbara Ross called Musseled Out.

Dara is currently narrating the Trilogy " War of the Alphas" by NY TIMES and USA TODAY best selling author SM Reine. She just completed narration of the first installment "Omega" in this incredible series.

Dara voiced a video for Every Mother Counts a maternal health organization dedicated to making pregnancy & childbirth safe for every mother. The project is in the Cannes Young Lions Competition.

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